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Micah Mahjoubian

Micah has over 25 years of experience in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania politics, having run campaigns, worked in municipal and state government, served in the leadership of the Democratic Party, and founded a consulting firm that focuses on deploying technology to effect civic change.

Micah’s interest in the intersection of politics and technology all began when he developed a voter database for a state representative campaign he ran in 1996. In 1999, before the existence of online campaign finance tools like NGP, he built a fully functioning campaign fundraising and finance compliance database for John Street’s mayoral campaign. Then in 2003, he worked with a team of people to develop a cutting-edge voter registration database that allowed Mayor Street to register over 80,000 voters during his re-election campaign. That database, operating before the advent of smartphones and modern wireless devices, synced with Palm powered handheld devices allowing teams of field operatives to easily collect data as they canvassed. This technology was the foundation of what would later become VoteBuilder.

Six years later, in 2009, Micah formed Soapbox Solutions, a local political consulting firm that specialized in political technology. He then worked with a city councilman to develop the first smartphone app created by a Philadelphia elected official to connect residents with city services. He also worked with the Philadelphia Sheriff and Philadelphia’s Board of Elections to develop online tools to make their offices more transparent.

Micah also began working with candidates for judge in 2009 and developed an expertise in the unique aspects of judicial campaigns in Philadelphia. It is through this experience that he became frustrated by the lack of information available to voters about judicial candidates in Philadelphia. That is why he created and maintains, a website to educate the public on local judicial candidates.

Today, Micah serves as Chief of Staff to Senator Sharif Street. He is an Executive Committee member of the Democratic State Committee, and Chair of the 5th Ward in the Philadelphia Democratic Party.

Micah is heavily involved in LGBT activism in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.  He consults for the dmhFund, a local non-profit that developed LGBT-friendly affordable senior housing—a first of its kind project right in the heart of Philadelphia’s Gayborhood. Micah is also a 25-plus-year member of Liberty City LGBT Democrats where he continues to be active.

Micah is a graduate of American University and lives in the Gayborhood with his husband, Ryan Bunch.

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